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them live a better life



We sometimes forget that we are never alone on this planet we call home. It takes more than a reminder that animals are living, breathing creatures too and that we need to take care of each other in order to survive and live in harmony.

It takes very little good to make a big impact, but sometimes we forget to do good towards our animal friends as they too have feelings. They too can feel pain. Yet, they are the subject of mistreatment and abuse.

There is no measure to what we can do – only if we CARE enough to do it at all. Together, let’s do our share for animal welfare:

They are not things,
But living, breathing beings.
Fur, feathers, scales on legs and on wings.
Yet some survive on the edge of living.

Their fate lies with us – me and you.
To give them a chance that’s fair,
It all starts with CARE,
And that starts within me and you.

Let’s CARE by spending time turning shelters into sanctuaries!
Let’s CARE by nurturing strays with love, food and company!
Let’s CARE by welcoming them into our homes and our families!

We can CARE
You can CARE


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